SBC Radio Player

SBC Radio Scotland's voice. SBC Radio will soon be available online and you will be able to find it both by using the SBC website but also on a growing number of Digital Radio's which offer FM, DAB & WiFi internet radios services. More news to come.

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Celtic Music FM

Scottish folk music radio station broadcast from Scotlands largest city Glasgow. For more information visit Celtic FM.



Oban FM

A local community radio station broadcast from Oban. Futher info can be found here.




Local community radio broadcast from Stonehaven Aberdeenshire. More info can be found here.



Bute Island Radio

Bute Island Radio providing a varied mix of music of all styles and genres, together with up-to-the-minute travel information.



Camglen Radio

CamGlen Radio is radio made for the community, by the community - pure and simple. Website can be found here.

Bridge FM

We broadcast hospital radio on FM, the bedside radios in the wards, on-line and part time on Digital Radio.



Cuillin FM (Skye)

Broadcasting mainly to the Portree area for the first three years, the station has now moved on to cover 98% of the island plus parts of the mainland. More info here.



Nevis Radio FM 96.6

Nevis Community Radio Station is based in Fort William  and has been broadcasting to Lochaber and beyond, providing entertainment and information, since 1992.

Isles FM

The focus is very much on local, Scottish and Gaelic music. Isles FM provides a channel for local bands and talent.