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Half of all children in lone-parent families are in relative poverty (Mon, 04 Jul 2022)
Exclusive: IFS study shows impact of Tory cuts to benefits and cost of living crisis on single mothers ‘I’m feeling the squeeze’: single mothers on the living costs crisis Half of all children in lone-parent families are now living in relative poverty, according to exclusive research that shows how a decade of austerity-driven cuts to benefits has left single parents among the most exposed to soaring inflation. In the first of a series of reports from the frontline of the cost of living crisis, the Guardian reports today on the impact of cuts to state support by successive Conservative governments, which have left women raising their children alone in a much weaker position to cope with the shocks of the pandemic and rising prices of basics such as food and heating. Continue reading...
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Johnson faces backlash for ‘failure to act’ over Chris Pincher warnings (Sun, 03 Jul 2022)
Parliamentary staffers and Tory MPs say allegations of sexual misconduct were not acted on by whips Boris Johnson is facing a backlash over the promotion of his ally Chris Pincher, as a group of Conservative parliamentary staffers accused the prime minister of a “failure to act on warnings” of sexual misconduct by his MPs. As new claims emerged about Pincher, who resigned as deputy chief whip over allegations that he groped two men in a London club, No 10 continued to insist that Johnson was unaware of any “specific” warnings until last week. Continue reading...
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Copenhagen shooting: three killed in Denmark shopping centre attack (Mon, 04 Jul 2022)
Twenty-two-year-old Danish man charged with manslaughter and will face court on Monday Danish police have said three people were shot dead and three critically injured after a gunman opened fire at a busy Copenhagen shopping centre on Sunday evening. A 22-year-old Danish man was arrested after the shooting, Copenhagen police inspector Søren Thomassen said. The suspect has been charged with manslaughter and will face questioning in front of a judge on Monday. Continue reading...
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